Silicone Wax Sculpture Made In Chinese

- Nov 07, 2016 -

Wax Museum and Wax Manufacturing 

  Wax from a single wax-like development to the contemporary era of wax art, has gone through a long historical process. According to historical records, as early as the Babylonian period people have mastered the wax portrait technology. In the 4th century BC, King Alexander of Macedonia had asked him to make wax figures. Ancient Egypt in the funeral ceremony had wax statue placed in the tomb. Ancient Greece in the religious rituals are often wax statues on display. Roman mask section, the aristocratic family will be made of wax ancestral mask display or participate in the funeral. To the Middle Ages, Europe has used wax for witchcraft, the church has also been made for the believers would like wax, and wax mask to commemorate the emperors and great men, such as Florence, Italy, Anujisida church icon , Became the embodiment of the late emperors and great men. Renaissance, useful bronze badge made of bronze badge, Antonio Abondio was the reputation of the wax artist. 17 to 18 century, Spain, Italy, color wax-plastic reliefs popular, while wax production is also extended to medicine, the Sicilian Gaetano Julio Zuobo with the French surgeon De Suoqi made in cooperation with the human body Anatomical Wax. During this period, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European countries, has produced a number of exquisite wax.

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