History Edit

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Wax from single use wax like to wax art of our times, through a long historical process. According to historical records, as early as in the old Babylonian period people in wax portrait techniques. 4th century BC Macedonian King Alexander had requested that the people did wax. Ancient Egypt in the funeral ceremony has wax statue placed in the Tomb. Ancient Greece often wax statue on display at the ritual. Mask Festival in ancient Rome, ancestor of the noble family will wax mask exhibit or attend the funeral. To the middle ages, Europe was using wax for witchcraft, Church has believers make votive wax with a wax mask to honor King and great men, such as Italy, Florence anujia, icon of the Church, become the embodiment of the late Emperor and great. During the Renaissance, useful made by lost wax method bronze coat of arms, andongniao·abangdiao is a wax artist at that time.

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