Exhibition Area

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Exhibition area up to the showroom, Art Studio, display equipment storage rooms, halls, spectator areas, Auditorium, reception room, administration offices, security guards ' room, toilets, and other components.

Showroom traffic convenient parts of the layout in the exhibition area, and away from the engineering room. Showroom space between organizations should ensure that the display system, order, flexibility, and visit alternative.

Showroom area, subdivision, the flexible display requirements, each display themed exhibition line length should not be greater than 300m.

Showroom form across the span of not less than 8M, and multi-span columns spacing should not be less than 7m. Room should be taken into account in the layout display fittings when a flexible combination and the possibility of adjusting the Exchange.

Showroom interior clear height in addition to technology, space, the horizon has special requirements, should be 3.5~5M.

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