- Dec 12, 2015 -

Perhaps is derived from the strong wax art simulations of infection, perhaps as early as 2500 years ago, in China there is the lost wax casting process, perhaps in the cultural life of modern people follow intuitive and entertaining, this art in China, will follow the national culture consciousness, ideas, beliefs, preferences, needs and economic interests change and development. 1919 movement Hou, China ancient clothing of research scholars Cheng Zhenxia Mr, by Western Wax Museum of revelation, intends with reality size of waxen image wearing history clothing, to both at home and abroad visit who introduced China of clothing culture; 1765, Cortez for Louis 15 of Mistress Marie Jean du Barry making has a statue wax, Cortez can be described as is Madame Tussauds Lady of led mentor, Madame Tussauds Lady (1761-1850) is France one outstanding of artist, to making wax and is famous for its. She grew up with Tess learning wax technology, Fame: France writer Voltaire's figure. Due to the simulation of wax art appeal and authenticity of restoration, as well as a strong sense of credibility, existed as early as 2500 years ago, China and the lost wax casting process, this art was introduced to China, quickly developed a strong echo and breaking innovation with profound Chinese culture color.

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