Professional silicone as what is produced by the process

- Dec 12, 2015 -

To specializing in silicone production, must pay attention to every aspect of the process. Reflected some micro and macro stuff, make people look closer to the object, the more realistic, then wax professional silicone in Chongqing as the process of making to pay attention to those processes, we take a look at.

Professional silicone like color technology

Human face color is rich and subtle, and engaged in professional silicone production workers, said: most of his forehead is grey-yellow, near the part of the hair is light blue, Brown purple around the eyelids and the orbicularis oculi muscle, nose, cheeks, and ears due to blood flow for pink; professional silicone when bearded local green on green. The most prominent is the color of the lips, which is inherent in the purple-red. Revelation of human skin color white is fat, the skin yellow, red and veins of blue blood, consisting of mixed colors.

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