On the portraiture of mold and mold release

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Portraiture to carved models, films, the release of the three procedures. Sculpture modeling clay available for materials, engraving technology is not easy, must have high artistic accomplishments, just started to wax portraiture should have a simple model of Chongqing, patience to learn, its own achievements.

Portrait making would die when partial execution

Portrait of clay sculpture model is made of solid model must be poured in plaster to concave hollow model to business figures, if he had no experience in mold, or specially designed models tailored to the company. If attitude complex portraiture, molded to the partial execution. For example, make a die head, who also made a mold, hands and feet and made a mold to make release easier. If it is large portraiture, also need to be divided into several part mold, die links these together as a part of the mold. For example, a head of wax, it needs to be heads of ministries, such as ear, nose, and mouth are poured into a plaster mold, then put these parts together into a complete and can be disassembled for hollow cast.

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