Key figure simulation

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Wax production process, specifically to study its chemical plant production processes. draws the following conclusion: wax-wax used in simulation of Chongqing are often atmospheric and vacuum distillation of crude oil fractions of raw materials through solvent dewaxing process, made into wax figures human.

Wax wax characteristics simulation people

General of wax is very soft of, and wax simulation people using of wax must has substantial sex and durability, so except using industrial wax yiwai making wax simulation people also added has many polymer material, makes of became both easy processing and compared hard of material, such industrial wax on no longer like candle as soft has, in wax simulation people creation in the can made many moving potential and various skin this can shaping of chemical material can keep years not deformation.

Figure simulation of the wax production

Chongqing wax simulation early in the production must be carried out in wax deoiling process or traditional press, sweating, etc, and is formed by white clay or hydrotreating. Melting point can be divided into six grades. Wax simulation professional wax is a white solid, is composed of different melting point paraffins, regardless of changes in relative density melting point. heated to a certain temperature melting, soluble in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, ether, benzene and paraffin mineral oils and most vegetable oils. in certain temperature plasticity, allowing members of the wax figures are more realistic.

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