How to shape the body wax, ear, nose

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Wax could do to life, every part of the shape is very important. However, mouth and ear wax is the most critical part of the process of making, so how do wax lips and ears.

How to make wax nose

Chongqing wax how to do first of all to understand the shape of nose, nose features vary, usually have a high nose, flat nose, hooked nose, snub-nose, and so on. Slight wrinkles the nose expresses serious and well thought, horizontal wrinkles deepen anger. Alar expansion really is excited, and nasal root seen die-lines cross. When making a wax nose, nostrils don't dig too deep. as the formwork must be really hole when plugged in.

How to make wax ear

In some wax statuary in some historical figures also exaggerated big ears. because this does not affect the image of your face. Emperor Kangxi's wax is to follow this principle, shaped ear out a stream of ordinary people. Wax ear structure is complex and not easy for beginners to grasp. How a man of wax first established around and up and down and not profile end out of scale, and then find out the internal structure. Shaped wax ear there are two ways: one is clearly internal and external structure is shaped. when put inside the ear with colored mud plugging another just reinforced plastic outer well wax script shaping.

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