Custom Silicone as development process

- Dec 12, 2015 -

Silicone in the development process can be a long history of China, as early as 2,500 years ago, custom-made silicone appeared as process, perhaps in the cultural life of modern people follow intuitive and entertaining, custom-made silicone after the technology was introduced to China, with the development of national culture consciousness.

After the 1919 movement, researchers of ancient Chinese clothing Mr Cheng Zhenxia, revelations by Western silicone Museum, life-size waxen image to be used in historical costumes, Chongqing through the customized silicone wax to visitors at home and abroad of China's clothing culture;

In 1957 Mr Cheng Zhenxia in the Guangzhou cultural Park Office show silicone garments work. In the 1930 of the 20th century, Shandong Confucius Temple Confucius silicone plastic;

In 1990 by Hong Kong entrepreneur Chen Shukai, funding, Zhang Shouxiang, founded a small "silicone Museum in Beijing". Subsequently, there has been a "Xian incident silicone Museum", "Xian Qin silicone Museum", "Beijing Minghuang silicone like Palace", "Dalian silicone Museum", as well as museums and memorial halls are customized by silica gel as show history, these customized to different subject matter reflects a cultural and historical moments.

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