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1.Q:How long will your wax figures can be keep?
A: Normally, our wax figures can be kept 15-20 years indoors.
2.Q: How to maintain these wax figures if we bought them ?
A: Please wipe the dust off slightly with a wet cloth. Except this, there's no anything else to be maintained.
3.Q: What's your price of a wax figure ?
A: Our wax figures comes from customized, so the price need to be confirmed by the specific requirements, such as image, size and other details, please send your information for our quoting.
4.Q: What payment terms you can receive? 
A: Generally, we follow the line rules: 30% deposit+ 40% process fund+30% balance.
5.Q: Which export port is the nearest of your factory ?
A: Shanghai Port, our plants are situated in Shanghai too.
6.Q: What's your delivery time ?
A: Focusing on a new wax figure, every process need to be created from the beginning,  which needs two month (60days) around. Actually, we can produce about 30 wax figures at the same time.